‘Blessing gave a great, inspirational talk at an event organised by one of our young people to give careers advice to 16-21 year olds. Blessing has carved his own unique education and employment pathway and through his talk, he was able to inspire other young people interested in becoming entrepreneurs. The result was there were a lot of people who had questions and wanted to know more about his own journey and how he has got to where he is. All in all, Blessing is someone who many young people aspire to.’

Sarah Corrigan - Junction 49

‘Before the event I did my research on Blessing and I was very excited to say the least. His story was really inspiring and I could relate to some of the struggles he had faced. On the night he shared with us more insight into his business and provided in depth knowledge at which the whole room were busily writing notes. Even the other speakers where surprised by his accomplishments and commended his business mind. I would use Blessing again and again as he proved to be more than a young entrepreneur but a humble young man who is enthusiastic and hard working!’

Ebuni Ajiduah - Founder of Think Big